Song Writing Experience.

If you have the song idea but need help to find the beats, chords and sounds, then this package is exactly for you.

We have a complete arsenal of instruments and tools that can quickly lay down grooves and patterns. Along with these our producers and engineers all know how to quickly support your ideas with instrumentation. So in no time at all you will see a song starting to form before your eyes.

We understand that this may be a new and strange musical world that you are entering and because of this we are always very patient and very keen to understand what you are wishing to achieve.

The session is 6 hours and in this time we will have written the song and recorded all the song parts and instruments. However sometimes this is not enough to complete all the lyrics and to get all the instrument recordings perfect. If this is the case the session remains active and the song is completed at a later date. You would simply pay for the extra hours needed at the standard studio rate.

We have had some amazing results especially when you consider that many who have booked this type of session can't play an instrument.

However we do feel that you need to have the ability to do the following to ensure that this type of session will be successful:

  • The ability to hum or sing a tune and repeat the melody ideas, or
  • The ability to play and repeat a melody idea on any instrument, or
  • Have an existing melody idea on cd, tape or mp3.

The session is of 6 hours duration. The session price is £180 all inclusive.

Please note that for this type of session we follow the standard industry songwriting protocols of splitting the songwriting percentage points evenly among the active songwriting participants in the session. So for example if you book the session with your songwriting friend and we provide an engineer, the songwriting splits are a third each. We provide the songwriting split forms to complete at the time of the session.

“If you can see it or hear it, then we can do it.”